Travel Pulse: News roundup for September

Here are some of the most interesting industry news and travel trends that have recently caught our eye: research highlights technology boom

Research from shows that the impact of technology on travel is only going to grow stronger. Technology presents us with endless possibilities and improves our search for information. This is why an impressive 55% of travelers are excited about its potential to personalize their travel experience in the near future. What’s more, tech innovations such as enhanced online experiences are set to further influence our travel behavior.

Skift’s report delves into the state and future of travel

What are people’s motivations for taking trips abroad? According to Skift’s 2023 State of Travel report, it’s an opportunity for connection! As people spend more time with digital media and less time in person with friends, it is becoming a necessity to offer a more social experience during the travel booking process. The report offers many more invaluable insights defining the state of travel.

Hopper’s report highlights the importance of social media for travelers

Social media is taking an increasing role in travel planning, according to the Hopper 2023 Travel Trends report. For many Millennial and GenZ travelers, the inspiration phase of their booking would be incomplete without it. However, social media platforms have limited ability to drive discussion and facilitate ‘social decision making’, unlike Joyned Booking.

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