E-commerce sites, you’re welcome.

Are you an e-Commerce site? In that case, let us give you a gift. We know of a valuable bonus that will be yours, free of charge, once you start using Joyned’s social shopping platform.  

E-commerce sites using Joyned sign up in order to provide customers with an easy and accessible way to shop together with their peers around online purchases. e-commerce sites also know that the Joyned social shopping platform comes with a proven increase in conversion rates. Don’t believe us? This case study is one of many that proves it. It works because some customers, making a purchase for a group (a ski-trip, matching bridesmaid dresses) need buy-in from the rest of the group in order to make a collective decision. In other situations, a single person is making the purchase, but they would like input from others with more experience, a more practical mindset or better taste. 

Sometimes searching online makes you feel you are drowning in options. In a sea of sites, online providers using Joyned want to offer their customers a raft to help them navigate their way through option-overload, purchase regrets and responsibility anxiety. That is what sites that use Joyned sign up for.

But if you add the Joyned social shopping tool, here is what you will receive for free. How much do you pay for customer acquisition? $5 per potential customer? $10? $50? $700? Depending on your line of online business, any of those numbers can be right. For one single potential customer. Furthermore, what is the quality of the information you purchase? 

Every single customer using our social shopping platform will bring others to your site. When a customer opens a Joyned session and invites 1, 2, 11 friends/consultants/co-travelers, then the site they are on just received 1, 2, 11 new customer acquisitions. And not random ones, statistical guesswork that AI picked based on demographics or age-bracket. Acquisitions of information for people who have a concrete, robust reason to be on the site. 

A gift for you. You’re welcome!

To learn more, contact us or try a demo of Joyned today.

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