Behind the scenes of your customer’s mind

In this blog post we’re going to describe an experience we’re all familiar with and plays a big role in our decision-making process. Identifying this problem has lead us to create the perfect solution for online shoppers.  If you own an eCommerce website – this one’s for you.

We have all been there…

We’re in a post-covid world, your good friend is calling to invite you to her birthday party in a week. Best news ever! You start imagining yourself and your good friends together, chatting while sushi is served and good music is played. You’re happy, you have something to look forward to, a reason to get dressed and get out of the house. You start thinking about how a year and a half ago you wouldn’t believe such a thing can get you so excited, and how surreal this past year has been. And then, something interrupts your daydreaming episode. A little noise, short but sharp. Soon, you identify the source of the unwanted interruption. You reach out to your phone, and then it hits you. The thing you knew would come but you’ve denied all along. It’s here. You look at the screen and read carefully. 

There’s a new group chat called “Present for Ali“.

The struggle is real

We’ve all been there, even before the Whatsapp era. A group of friends needs to make a purchase decision together. And if you are the best friend of the birthday girl, it’s probably going to be you who has to take over the operation. The interaction is often the same, one friend takes the responsibility to make the purchase, and the rest would help. Maybe. Usually, not everyone will cooperate right away, some will answer your questions too late, and some, let’s be honest, won’t care. Either way, a normally joyful task becomes a tedious burden.

Plot twist

We actually identified a whole different turn of events among our users. We created a social shopping tool for eCommerce websites that want to give their users a better user experience. By using the Joyned social shopping platform, users can simply invite their friends to join their shopping right on the website. The invitees can react, comment, and edit the wishlist on-site, meaning – a group of friends can easily shop together and make a decisionOur data shows that our users are more likely to make a purchase decision when using Joyned, the overall conversion rate of our users increases by 390% when using Joyned!

Why this matters

But why? What is it about the social experience that helps us make a decision? 

Through conversations, our users took us on a fascinating journey into the mind of a shopper. 

In our next blog post we’ll talk about the process users go through when making a purchase decision and how you can, in one simple step, make it easier for them and increase your conversion rate.

To learn more, contact us or try a demo of Joyned today.

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