Putting ‘social’ into family group booking

The number of families traveling together is expected to increase by 25% this year, and it’s no surprise.

People want to make up for lost time since COVID-19 restrictions were lifted, and there is no better way to explore dream destinations than with your loved ones.

What’s more, around half are likely to go on a multi-generational family trip in the coming months, with a similar number planning to invite extended family members beyond their parents and in-laws.

As customers’ habits are changing rapidly, so do their travel booking preferences. Rather than using a travel agent where they can iron out the complexities of group bookings face-to-face, families based in disparate locations tend to opt for online sites for convenience. 

But the problem is: travel websites are simply not designed to provide a seamless, collaborative online booking experience easily accessible to bigger groups. For family members spread across the world, who for example want to reunite during their vacation, discussing travel plans on many different social platforms can turn into a nightmare.

At Joyned, we are working hard to change this and put the ‘social’ back into family group booking!

Forward thinking online travel companies are already using our Joyned Booking solution to their advantage, giving their customers a truly social booking experience and a real-time connection which not only speeds up the whole process but also makes it more fun. And isn’t that what traveling should be about?

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