New feature alert! Joyned Connected Chat

‘Ping’ you have 74 missed messages! Do you love going away with friends and family but hate trying to organize a trip?

You’re not alone! Fortunately, the clever techy people on team Joyned have added a new feature to our group booking software to ease your trip planning woes. 

Already connecting friends & family on travel sites in a private, collaborative space where they can discuss and book trips, our new Joyned Connected Chat feature goes one step further and integrates with WhatsApp! 

While WhatsApp isn’t ideal for sharing and discussing trip information itself, it’s a familiar social media messenger already used by most people. With our new Joyned Connected Chat feature, the best of WhatsApp and Joyned booking are combined to give a truly seamless group booking experience. 

The best of both worlds! How cool is that? 

Using our unique Joyned Connected Chat tool, users can simply add a link to Joyned Booking to an existing WhatsApp group or create a new one for a specific trip. 

People are notified as the conversation evolves but with all the information in one place on Joyned booking there is no need for Aunt Sue to ask for the fifth time what the cost of the trip will be! Sounds good to us. 

And that’s not all, our new Joyned Connected Chat feature benefits travel sites too.

WhatsApp group members will return to travel sites via Joyned Booking to see updates when notified, without ignoring them in fear of repetitive questions and information sharing.  Plus, an entirely new marketing channel is created with the integration of WhatsApp! 

Ultimately increasing traffic, time-on-site and page views to the travel site, not to mention creating a satisfying experience to customers and building loyalty.

Just one of the product innovations we’re working on for 2023, we’ll be back with more news on all our latest features soon!

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