Next generation in post-pandemic travel

We’ve all experienced the immense impact of the pandemic, and needless to say, the travel industry was hit harder than almost any other sector. Fortunately, we’re seeing numerous signs of recovery and a big industry rebound. With forecasts showing that global tourism will grow by 30% this year, 2023 looks very promising.

But the travel landscape looks different now not only because it’s been reshaped by the pandemic, but also because the next generation of travelers is coming to the fore.

The next-gen demographic of travelers comprises mainly Millennials and Gen Z’s making them the single biggest group we must tailor our offer for. They’re digital natives, 1.5 times more likely than older people to describe themselves as adventurous, and prefer to organize their trips entirely online, preferably directly from their mobile phones. Eager to make up for a lost time, they’ve rediscovered the importance of social relationships and tend to travel in groups. 

This is a sure sign for travel companies to embrace new technology to offer a more intuitive and digitalized online group booking experience. But the challenge here is: most travel sites are designed for solo travelers and fail to cater to the needs of groups.

That’s where Joyned Booking comes to the rescue. We’re working hard to improve the group booking experience by enabling group members to organize their trip on the site exclusively and make the final booking together with ease.

Our solution not only streamlines the process for customers but also boosts sales and revenue at the same time. We’re constantly working on improving it so expect more from Joyned soon!

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