You got a friend in me…

One of the things many of us missed the most during the pandemic was the opportunity to hang out with friends. Social lives were put on hold with nights out and fun-filled trips together a distant memory! 

It probably comes as no surprise then (and good news) that now restrictions are lifted, traveling with friends is firmly back on the agenda. In fact, the opportunity to reconnect with friends was one of the top reasons given for travel in 2023 in a recent report. With 50% of people hoping to take at least one holiday with friends before the end of the year. 

Meanwhile, the travel industry is working hard to make the most of this opportunity, giving groups of friends who are still hugely excited to be in each others company once again a trip they’ll never forget! 

For example, Afar magazine recently cited Hilton’s 2023 trends report which found an increase in ‘intimate group travel’ to celebrate special occasions or milestones. As a result of this, hotels are now creating bespoke spaces in their properties for small groups of friends who want to relax, unwind and spend time together. 

Of course, the other thing that needs to be in place to make group travel happen is the right technology! 

We’ve probably all experienced the ‘joy’ of trying to organize a trip away with a group of friends. Numerous conversations take place on social media about everything from where to go, how much to spend, to which side of the room Megan wants to sleep on! It takes ages to reach a decision about anything and much of the information is lost or repeated. 

Fortunately, this is where Joyned comes in. Already ahead of the game when it comes to the increasing demand for friends and family travel our website add-on creates a collaborative online space where all discussions take place.


And for the travel industry, not only does Joyned Booking create a seamless, social experience for customers, keeping them on your site for longer, travel sites using it typically see a 300% higher conversion rate. 

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