Joyn the Group Booking Revolution!

With a fantastic response to Joyned since we launched in 2019, it was a natural next step to launch Joyned Booking recently for the travel sector.  We knew from our own conversations with industry movers and shakers, and the social nature of group travel booking that the industry was ripe for disruption.  

But don’t just take our word for it! 

In the recent 2022 US Family Travel Survey 47% of people said they are likely to take a multi-generational family trip during the next twelve months. And 46% said this will include family members beyond just parents and in-laws. The survey also found that fears around safe travel and the pandemic had dropped significantly. 

So with demand for group travel higher than ever, savvy travel agents will want to make the booking experience as easy as possible and reap the rewards of increased revenue. 

Fortunately, Joyned Booking provides the perfect solution…

By using our web-site add on, travel sites are able to create a collaborative, online space for family and friends to easily discuss and book a trip. 

What could be easier? 

Not only does Joyned Booking create a seamless, social experience for customers, keeping them on your site for longer, travel sites using it have already seen a 300% higher conversion rate.

As our CEO Jonathan Abraham explained in our recent press* launch, before Joyned provided the next evolutionary step in group booking, travel sites were only able to function with individuals in mind. 

Now thanks to Joyned Booking, travel sites are able to ride the wave of increased demand for group travel and gain competitive advantage by providing a superior customer experience.

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