Unlocking the potential of group travel

Have you heard the news yet? Airbnb has recently introduced new features for group travelers. Including shared wishlists and a new messages tab, these features simplify the process for users looking to discuss and plan a trip together. 

Joining the ranks of Expedia, VRBO and hotels.com, Airbnb is the latest to embrace the purchasing power of group travelers. But vendors that wish to possess these capabilities at a fraction of the cost and resources needed to develop such functionalities in-house, can now do so with Joyned.

Even though travel has always been a social experience, up until recently, the booking process didn’t reflect this social aspect. Most travel websites were designed with an individual user in mind, disregarding the importance of incorporating recommendations and opinions from others into the booking process. When in fact, it’s friends and family who influence our travel decisions the most.

Here at Joyned, we recognized this need to cater to group travelers’ evolving needs. Starting in 2022, Joyned has pioneered group planning and booking developments and has continued to innovate the group booking experience since, with our award-winning AI-based social revenue platform. 

The solution offers a comprehensive suite of capabilities, enabling users to discuss, plan and book together – straight from the vendor’s website. At the same time, it provides vendors with invaluable insights into travelers’ decision-making process, intent and group dynamics to maximize revenue. 

Airbnb’s decision is a huge validation of what we’ve been doing this whole time. All this means that tailoring to the needs of group travelers is no longer just beneficial, but paramount if travel companies don’t want to risk losing out to the competition.

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