Introducing: AI Planner

For quite some time now, we’ve been working behind the scenes on something that has us truly thrilled!

Today, we’re proud to announce the launch of the AI Planner, the latest addition to our social revenue platform. Designed for travel and hospitality vendors of all sizes, it harnesses the power of artificial intelligence and big data to provide a personalized experience, ensuring maximum impact.

The AI Planner answers users’ most common booking questions on the spot, according to their destination and date of the trip. With just a few clicks, users can conveniently access transport information, weather forecasts and travel itineraries, all without having to navigate away from the booking site.

For travel vendors, the planner will increase overall customer satisfaction and generate additional revenue. A white-label solution, it can be customized and aligned with vendors’ existing offerings, enabling increased personalization and delivering additional value. It also allows vendors to retain valuable insights into customer behavior and decision-making process.

Commenting on the launch, Michael Levinson, our Co-Founder and CPO, said: “Travel vendors are constantly seeking new ways to increase revenue while improving customer loyalty, retention and booking value. Joyned is already enabling vendors to increase travel site conversations by up to 4x their baseline. Its AI planner is the only solution that actively assists high-intent prospects in completing a purchase by reducing their need to seek external information, substantially increasing booking value.”

Features of the AI Assistant include:

  • It’s readily available to vendors of all sizes
  • Complements current vendor offering, serving as a white-label solution
  • Boosts customer satisfaction and generates additional revenue 
  • Fosters genuine connections through groups having access to the same AI Planner, enabling them all to see the same information
  • Enables solo travelers to finalize their booking through an easy-to-use interface that makes decision-making easier

To learn more, get in touch with a member of our team here.

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