Social revenue at a glance

In today’s digitized and competitive market, businesses are constantly seeking innovative ways to engage their customers and drive revenue. 

Whilst social commerce, a method of utilizing platforms like Facebook and Instagram as tools for promoting and selling products and services, is becoming more popular, this just doesn’t go far enough. It offers limited benefits to vendors and lacks a collaborative experience for customers.

Crucially, companies using social commerce lose insight into conversations when they take place on social media. That’s why Joyned is bringing the social revenue concept to the table – to move the conversations to the vendor’s website.

Social revenue refers to the revenue increase and impact of enabling social interaction to unfold from the vendor’s site through using Joyned’s AI-based technology. It harnesses the power of authentic social interactions. It’s not just about showcasing products or services; it’s about fostering genuine connections among users, providing them with a private and secure space to discuss and make a purchase decision together.

Our solution enables friends and family travelers to discuss their plans together from the comfort of the travel site. At the same time, it brings unparalleled benefits to vendors by empowering them to own the natural social engagement of shoppers directly on the website. Joyned’s AI-powered social revenue technology analyzes and identifies consumers’ group-buying intentions based on previously unavailable data. Combined with actionable insights, it provides visibility into consumers’ decision-making, intent, group dynamics, price perception, conversations and activities to maximize revenue.

An enhanced booking experience equals significantly better outcomes for online travel agencies. Our partners that have already implemented social revenue technology have seen up to a 4x growth in conversion rates and an impressive 40% boost in average order value. They also note increased engagement and organic traffic.

These are only some of the reasons why companies should move shopping off social platforms and onto their website. Joyned is here to make it possible!

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