In the Spotlight with Jonathan Abraham

Group travel is on the rise again. That’s why we sat down with Jonathan Abraham, our Co-founder and CBO, to hear his thoughts on this and other aspects of travel. 

  1. Why is it crucial to prioritize group trip planning?

There are several reasons for this. With group travel remaining as popular as ever, it’s necessary to meet the needs of group travelers and provide them with the right solutions and tools. 

From the customers’ perspective, group planning facilitates social interactions, enhancing the booking experience and making it seamless, collaborative and more enjoyable for groups. On the other hand, by providing added value to their clients, companies can differentiate themselves from their competitors and increase customer loyalty at the same time. It also allows them to tap into a profitable market segment and significantly boost revenue by owning their shoppers’ natural social engagements directly on-site. 

It’s a strategy that benefits both travelers and travel vendors alike. Missing out on such an opportunity is a risk that forward-thinking companies can’t afford to take if they want to stay ahead of their competition.   

  1. What do you see as the biggest challenge for the travel sector in the next few months?

As the industry grows at a rapid pace, one of the biggest challenges is keeping up with your competitors. In such a dynamic market, staying abreast of emerging trends, tech innovations and evolving customers’ needs is essential. What I see as another challenge within the travel planning area is trying to take over trip planning from the top of the funnel. Initially through travel agents, then bots, and finally AI and intelligent virtual agents, numerous attempts have been already made. However, what’s missing is emotional context and natural group dynamics – the human element that cannot be replaced by a machine.

  1. Looking ahead, what do travelers have to look forward to?

Today, the key developments in the travel industry are centered around artificial intelligence, enhanced experiences and new search solutions, with AI emerging as a real game changer. All of those promise to bring even more exciting opportunities for travelers in the future. Already enjoying more personalized offers and tech enhancements they hadn’t even thought of before, travelers can be sure that new innovations that are in the works will further revolutionize their travel experience. Here at Joyned, we’re committed to enabling this through our AI-based social revenue platform. I would urge all travel websites looking to improve their group travel offerings to consider the benefits of a collaborative AI-powered solution.

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