What’s New at Joyned?

We’re proud to announce our latest key partnership with TravelUp, the UK’s leading travel arrangements company offering flights, hotels, and package holidays worldwide.

Together with TravelUp, we’re bringing a more social, collaborative, and enhanced booking experience to more travelers in the UK and around the globe. Joyned Booking has already been implemented within TravelUp’s hotel booking and package holidays verticals, and we’re planning a future extension onto its flight-only vertical.

A huge thank you to TravelUp’s team for choosing to partner with us and embarking on this journey towards a redefined travel booking experience.

Our solution is gaining recognition not only from our partners but also from the media. We’re pleased to say that Joyned has been selected as one of the UK and Europe’s most innovative SaaS companies and initiatives according to TechRound

The judges acknowledged our commitment to innovation, ranking Joyned 11th in the list of some of the best forward-thinking SaaS providers. Thank you TechRound for this recognition, it’s a big honor to make it to the top 20. Next year we plan to move up to the top 10!

As we’re slowly preparing for 2024, follow us for more updates on team Joyned.

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