What data do you collect?
We don’t hold any PII (Personally Identifiable Information). We only hold information about our tool (CTR, conversion rate, shares, group sizes, etc.). Also, we only hold information about the products that are currently on the Joyned list. Why? To make sure our product is always giving you the best results and optimizing your conversion rate. We are GDPR compliant.
Will loading Joyned slow down my website?
Nope. Joyned is all about giving your customers the best user experience, that is why we made sure to not be using any heavy libraries. Our product is written in vanilla JavaScript and our script is always the last one to charge – it will not slow any of the rest of your website from charging.
How do you prove that you increase sales?
We run an A/B test, expose the button to 50% of your customers, and then compare conversion rates, AOV and sales.
Can the design of the product be changed?
Of course. The design choices are up to you. The design and location of the button change between our customers. We will suggest a design, and your designers can ask for changes. Also, the color theme of the whole product will match your website.
How long does it take to add Joyned to our website?
Joyned is easy to use and requires no prior knowledge in coding. Adding the product takes just a few minutes, by adding one script and our tracking code for the A/B test. The whole process (design, aligning analytics and adding Joyned) usually takes 2-3 weeks. Of course, our customer success department will be happy to assist with any questions you have throughout the process.
How do we follow the A/B test?
You will receive a weekly report on how the product is doing. We are happy to share the raw data and let you run the A/B test.
What is the usual increase in sales you see with your customers?
We see an increase of 6%-15% in sales (that’s due to the traffic increase our customers get when users invite their friends to chat, and the fact that users don’t have to leave the website to consult with their friends). See case studies on this link slide
In what language can my users use Joyned?
Every language you want, try us.
What sharing options do you offer?
Every sharing option you’d like. We usually let users choose between WhatsApp, Email, Facebook, Google Bookmark and Telegram, you can edit this list as you want. Users can also copy the invitation and paste it on their preferable platform. Want to add another sharing option? just let us know. We also follow which sharing is the most popular for your users and locate them on the top of the list.
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