Joyned easy deployment explained

One common problem when implementing a new SaaS solution is not necessarily budget, but rather bandwidth. That is why we’ve made sure that travel vendors wishing to leverage social revenue technologies can do so with minimum effort. 

After only two simple steps, Joyned takes care of the rest, allowing you and your team to focus on perfecting your products, services and website.

What will you need?

Before integrating our platform with your website, you will need:

  • An API key and server region your account is associated with (this information is provided upon account sign-up).
  • Joyned platform and tracking code – which you’ll get on your onboarding call with Joyned’s customer success team.

Step 1

First, you will need to include our plugin code within the relevant pages of your website by adding the right script tag to the end of the body of your webpage. This script must be added to every page where you want the Joyned platform to be displayed.

Once the code has been added, contact your customer service manager to enable the platform. Your users won’t see it until we activate it. At this stage, we run thorough tests to make sure everything works perfectly. Only then will we enable the service on our end, notifying you beforehand.

Step 2

This step involves placing our tracking script on the page following the transaction. You can load it by adding the right script tag to the head section of the webpage. 

And that’s it! Joyned’s customer success team takes it from there. You can join them on a quick call to set things up together or simply for an update call after they let you know it’s up and running, to confirm together full functionality. 

We’re highly committed to providing our clients with an individual approach, tailored to their needs. Each website has a unique configuration and our team is there to provide highly customized options and immediate support.

To get started with Joyned, contact us today.

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