Five tips for implementing technology for group booking

With technology changing the travel industry at a rapid pace, it’s important for travel companies to keep up and more importantly, keep customers happy!

While this can seem a daunting task with lots of new and emerging technologies presenting themselves all the time, at Joyned we’re all about helping travel companies to understand the benefits. Particularly when it comes to group bookings and how technology can help travel sites to make the process easier. 

But implementing a solution like Joyned Booking works as hard as it can for your travel business when your internal team are on board too. Making sure they all understand the technology and its benefit to your customers will mean it’s used to its full potential. 

Below we share our five top tips to help you implement new technologies into your business smoothly: 

Firstly, get the whole team on board so that everyone can have a say in how the solution is implemented and agree on a way forward that works for all. By involving your team in the planning process, you can gather their input and make sure that the process and timings are clear to everyone.

Set clear goals for what you want to achieve with the technology or tool you are implementing. By doing so, you’ll be able to measure success and identify areas that might need improvement as you go through the process.

Once in place, make sure everyone knows how to use the solution and its features. Conduct adequate training and provide supporting materials such as product videos so that everyone can fully engage.  Without your team understanding the benefits, they won’t be able to sell these to your customers.

Additionally, assess your solution’s effectiveness on a regular basis and collect feedback. Both from customers who are using the new technology and your internal team. This will help you identify issues that need to be addressed and introduce changes to ensure that you use the technology to its full potential.

Finally, consider offering incentives or rewards to people so that your team is motivated to use the solution and recommend it to customers, as well as get involved in improving it.

By following our tips, you’ll be well on your way to providing a seamless and enjoyable travel booking experience for your customers.

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